I'm Katie and, as you may have guessed, I made that.

I'm a letterer living in Austin, Texas. I'm a huge fan of ornamentation and embellishment of any sort, (which you've probably noticed if you've taken a look at my work). In other important news, I'm a proud cat mom (to two of my own and also to a constant stream of foster kittens) and a sucker for a competitive cooking show. And, at some point, I became the owner of two businesses: Katie Made That and The Monster Project

My Work

While I love creating any kind of design work that features ornaments, filigree, and details galore, lettering is the thing that speaks to me the most. The coolest thing about lettering is that I get to work with words...I get to express my artistic voice and my personal voice at the same time. I've discovered that the more honest and straightforward I am, through lettering the words I would actually say and focusing on my uniqueness, the more my art resonates with other people. The moments when I can connect with someone simply by being genuine and open and true to myself...those are the best moments in the world.


Freelance & Commissions

I take on freelance work and commissions throughout the year in addition to running my shop.
The work I typically take on includes: 

• Lettering (for books, web, editorial, packaging, logos, murals, events, product licensing, etc..)
• Branding and Identity projects
• Custom Wedding Suites

Check out my portfolio to see my work and feel free to send an email to Hello@KatieMadeThat.com about whatever you've got in mind!


Process & Materials

All the products in my shop are designed by me in my home studio. I work with local Austin printers to screen print my larger poster-sized prints. The remainder of the products are carefully printed in full-color on premium paper stocks.

I only choose papers that I know are created sustainably by mills that I trust. Most of the paper I use comes from French Paper, which is powered by fully renewable hydroelectric generators, and Neenah Paper, which provides 100% cotton papers made from textile industry waste by-products.